Deployment Management

Easily manage and deploy data changes

Montara enables simple data version management, code deployment and one-click production and staging environment setup without git or cumbersome configuration.

Data version management

  • Visual version management Montara makes managing data versions easy, so you can focus on what matters
  • Only the tools you need Review, compare and revert changes, approve code updates and more
  • Built for collaboration Easily work with team members and deploy code versions with confidence

Deploy in seconds

  • Zero configuration Montara manages all aspects of data pipeline change deployment
  • Staging and Production Montara creates and maintains staging and production environments for you
  • Deploy with confidence Easily test run data pipeline changes before deploying to production

Everything your data team needs
for data transformation

AI companion

Leverage AI to transform data faster, document models, explain code and even extract CTEs.

Data modeling

Use SQL to model and transform data with help from our AI, get easy data validation and much more.

Data pipeline management

Easily manage pipelines with zero orchestration, simple scheduling and multiple environments.

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