Montara is Born

Montara was born when we realized that data-driven insights are available in almost every aspect of business life (marketing, sales, operations, etc), except where it matters most – people. Most companies were only getting a partial picture of their workforce and HR, managers and employees were not fulfilling their full potential. We set out on a journey to fix this problem and help companies better understand and empower people. 

Montara is backed by world leading investors and venture capital firms.

Time to Listen

Our team spent a lot of time listening to the changing needs of the market. We spoke to hundreds of HR managers and executives who were adapting to managing their people remotely. As the hybrid working model became the norm, we gained critical insights into what companies needed most: visibility, reliable data, fewer work disruptions and employees feeling empowered to grow in a challenging world. 

We built a simple-to-use yet high performance AI platform that ticked all these boxes.

Our Values

We use the following principles to guide us with our work







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