AI Companion for Data Transformation

Data modeling with the power of generative AI

Leverage AI to transform data faster, document models, explain code much more and increase the velocity and productivity of the entire data team.

The Montara AI Companion is always there to help.

AI companion that works for you

  • SQL help The AI Companion can help you fix SQL errors and extract CTEs into models
  • Boost productivity Collaborating with team members? let the AI Companion explain models and guide you
  • Gen AI documentation Save time and drive collaboration with Gen AI generated model documentation

Everything your data team needs
for data transformation

Data observability

Built-in data observability across model performance, data quality and pipeline execution

Data modeling

Use SQL to model and transform data with help from our AI, get easy data validation and much more.

Data pipeline management

Easily manage pipelines with zero orchestration, simple scheduling and multiple environments.

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