Montara Data Observability for data transformation is here

One of the most frequent requests we get from our users is the ability to understand their ongoing data transformation performance and quality. While we intuitively understand the need for and value of properly functioning data pipelines that produce accurate results in a timely manner,  it’s worth mentioning the following benefits as well:

  1. Building trust in data – producing performant, quality data helps generate trust in the data team and the data itself, helping the organization become more data driven and increasing the usage of the data team’s data products.
  2. Reducing cost – efficient and properly functioning data pipelines reduce overall cost. By optimizing your data pipelines you reduce time and data developer resources needed to triage, fix and maintain data pipelines as well as reduce infrastructure cost.

We are happy to announce that Montara Observability for data transformation is now publicly available as part of the Montara Data Transformation platform!

Montara Data Observability covers everything from data quality to performance, data volume to lineage as well as audit logs – all fully integrated and native within Montara.


With Montara Data Observability you can easily monitor the performance of both data pipelines and specific models to help you optimize for velocity and cost. 

Pipeline Performance

Model Performance

Data Quality

Montara Data Observability lets you see exactly which tests and validations pass or fail and drive to the root cause of issues 

Model Quality

Data Volume 

Sometimes performance is great and quality is good, but the volume of rows changes significantly. With Montara Data Observability you get visibility into the data volume for each model and run quickly and easily.

Model Volume

Data Lineage

A crucial part of data observability is understanding the lineage of data across data assets. The Montara data lineage capability gives you a detailed mapping of all your assets all the way down to report level.

Data Lineage

With Montara Data Observability you have the visibility you need to make sure that your data transformation and your data pipelines run smoothly, produce the right results and do so efficiently.

Go ahead and try Montara Data Observability for yourself and let us know what you think.