Introducing the Montara AI Companion

We are excited to announce the launch of the Montara AI Companion.

We believe AI has the potential to transform data analysis as we know it and the Montara AI Companion is our way to make this happen.

Our AI Companion is going to be integrated with more and more features and capabilities in the product as time goes by. For the launch, we focused on helping you avoid frustrating manual, repetitive analytics tasks. Read more below to learn about the current capabilities and how you can take advantage of the power of AI in your daily data transformation work.

Fix SQL errors 

No more wasting time figuring out SQL errors or digging through documentation. The AI Companion has your back – let it suggest a fix and quickly resolve issues.

AI-driven documentation

Hate documenting schemas and updating column definitions? The AI Companion now does the heavy lifting to generate and suggest documentation for you. With AI-generated documentation you can increase data literacy across the organization and increase collaboration and usage of data throughout.

Explain SQL queries

Struggling to understand complex SQL queries? Need a refresher on a query you wrote a long time ago? The AI Companion breaks down queries into simple, plain English so you can quickly make sense of what the query is doing.

Experience the power of AI and get a new sidekick for your analytics with Montara’s AI Companion.