Data Validation

Take control of data quality

With Montara, data teams can make data quality an integral part of data development easily. With point-and-click column level validation and custom model validations embedded into the flow of work, we have you covered.

Powerfully simple data validation

  • One-click column validation Simple UI to configure out-of-the-box column validation options
  • Custom model validation Easily add custom SQL queries to run more complex model validations
  • Validation results dashboard Get a validation report after every run with a full breakdown of quality checks and issues

Everything your data team needs
for data modeling

Data Modeling

Use dbt or pure SQL to transform data and get all the DataOps capabilities you need with Montara.

AI companion

Leverage AI to transform data faster, document models, explain code and even extract CTEs.

Data catalog and lineage

AI-driven, automatically generated catalog and report-level lineage to enable cross-team collaboration.

Data pipeline management

Easily manage pipelines with zero orchestration, simple scheduling and multiple environments.

Data observability

Built-in data observability across model performance, data quality and pipeline execution

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