Data Lineage and Report-Level Lineage

Montara’s cloud-native business intelligence platform is the only cloud data transformation engine that provides data lineage and report-level lineage capabilities. We spoke to dozens of BI teams and heard again and again about the painful results of the disconnect between data transformation and data visualization (reports and dashboards). 

Let’s dive into data lineage to understand what it is and why without report-level lineage it is simply not enough.

Data Lineage

Data lineage is metadata on the relationship between different data assets in your data pipeline, where transformations happen and who consumes the data.

This visual view of your data pipeline makes it easy to understand how data flows, the dependencies between different data assets and helps to debug issues that arise when data changes. For example, when you make a change to a model, a data lineage graph helps you quickly see the dependencies downstream so you don’t blindly make changes that break other models. 

With Montara, BI teams do not need to actively configure and manage their data pipeline – Montara automatically infers relationships between different data assets and creates your data pipeline for you, including your data lineage graph.

Report-Level Lineage

While most transformation engines’ lineage solutions map Source and Model assets, Montara’s Report-level lineage solution goes a step further and includes the unique ability to map lineage and dependencies all the way down to the report level. 

When you use Montara to transform your data, Montara can integrate with your data visualization tool (e.g. Tableau, Looker) and then map the various reports and their dependency on data pipeline assets as part of your data lineage graph.

With report-level lineage you can confidently make changes to your data without fearing that dreaded call from a stakeholder asking why their report or dashboard doesn’t work.

Data analysts and BI teams that want to move fast and build a robust data infrastructure need to have the knowledge and confidence to make changes while being fully aware of their impact – with Montara’s data lineage and report-level lineage capabilities, they can.