The first unified DataOps platform for

data development

Focus on data development and let Montara take care of everything else: data validation, CI/CD, pipelines, observability,data catalog and lineage - all in one simple platform.

The only AI-Powered DataOps platform

Finally, your data team can move quickly and confidently, with Montara's unified DataOps platform. Accelerate data development with automation, integrated CI/CD workflows and built-in observability.

Data Modeling

Integrate dbt or develop using our SQL IDE and get live preview, report-level lineage and much more.

Data Validation

One-click column validation, custom model validations and auto pipeline quality analysis built in.

Data Pipelines

Easy scheduling, one-click deployment, multiple environments and full observability built-in,

Support for all popular data warehouse & lakehouse solutions

Deliver data products faster with one platform for your data development lifecycle.

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Data development made easy

A completely new approach that ensures best practices, proper processes and data quality. Built for fast moving data organizations.

Data transformation and modeling

Enable everyone on your team - integrate with dbt Core or use the built-in AI-powered web IDE to do data development quickly and confidently. 

Data validation

Develop robust models with one-click column validation, custom model validations and the industry's only auto-verification for pipeline runs.

Continuous integration

Validate changes to code before they impact production with Montara CI. Our native git integration triggers test runs to validate code changes with every pull request.

Pipeline management

Montara automatically orchestrates your pipelines. Simply select the models and Montara does the rest. Schedule runs, trigger manually or use external services such as Airflow.

Data best practices, built in

Data development is a team effort, we understand. Montara enables collaboration and helps promote best practices and data quality.

Detailed observability for insights into performance and quality

Zero-configuration monitoring for your data pipelines and models. With Montara you can get insights into the performance and quality of your models and data pipelines, so you can transform data with confidence.

Version and code management

Use your git repo, or Montara's hosted repo for seamless model and version code management and seamless collaboration. 

Enterprise-level governance

With enterprise-grade roles and permissions, detailed audit logs, SSO and segregated multi-project architecture, you can rest assured that your data is protected.

Empower your whole data team

Data Analysts and BI Developers

See how Montara enables your whole team to model data, collaborate on data transformation, manage pipelines and more - simply and elegantly.

Data Engineers

Focus on data development and increase velocity by integrating your toolchain. Reduce licensing cost, improve productivity and collaboration and more.

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