Montara gives analytics teams engineering superpowers, allowing data analysts to transform and model data with the power of SQL while the platform seamlessly provides the benefits of software development best practices such as code versioning, automated testing and documentation, lineage, CI/CD and more. With Montara, data engineers and data analysts can collaborate in managing the data infrastructure of the organization efficiently and seamlessly.


Data testing and validation

Test and validate your models, transformations and data pipelines while developing, before deploying changes to your pipelines and to production. Montara lets you easily set up data validation tests as part of modeling your data to automatically run when your models are executed as part of pipeline runs. You can also build custom tests as well as build complex ad-hoc analysis queries to run against test pipeline runs or your production environment.

Data lineage and catalog

Montara provides a powerful data lineage view all the way down to your reports and dashboards with our unique report-level lineage capability. Integrate your reporting tool (such as Tableau and Looker) with Montara and get a clear understanding of how changes to models impact analysis, reports and dashboards.

Montara also automatically generates a data catalog that documents all your models, including giving you the ability to annotate columns while developing your models so that stakeholders in the organization can easily collaborate and use models in their analysis.