Introducing Manager Scorecard

Introducing the Manager Scorecard: designed to enable organizations to deliver on their leadership development goals.


Note: the Montara People Insights solution is no longer available. Read about our transition to a cloud BI platform here.


New insights to help enhance leadership development 

The world is changing faster than ever before, flexible work, accelerated digitization, quiet quitting, and labor/skills shortages are just some of the trends making management much more difficult these days.  

 Hybrid and remote work has changed traditional management practices and presents major issues such as:

  • Blind spots when it comes to attention, fairness and coaching 
  • The shift to virtual interactions limits the ability to manage using what is physically seen

Studies show that manager effectiveness is the top priority for HR leaders in 2023. Clearly, the need for great leaders has never been more urgent, yet after speaking with HR leaders around the world, understanding whether managers are leading effectively has become increasingly challenging. Moreover, upper management lacks solutions to show them how managers are leading and how they can improve.


Montara Manager Scorecard

We’re excited to announce the Montara Manager Scorecard. With this new functionality, HR leaders and executives can now gain visibility into managers’ performance and promote accountability with clear real-time insights into everything from coaching to attention, fairness and empowerment. 


How it works 

  1. Get an overview of all managers within the organization and their leadership status
  2. Drill down into individual managers to understand coaching, attention and progress over time

  3. Understand managers’ leadership impact on specific employees, including detailed findings to help you guide managers to make effective changes

Discover how the Manager Scorecard can help your managers become the people leaders the organization needs.