Announcing Montara Pulse: developed to capture the employee voice in real-time. 


A new frictionless solution for understanding employees in real-time

In the past few years, issues such as high turnover rates, prolonged wellbeing issues, quiet quitting (the latest term for employee disengagement), and more, have made it increasingly difficult for leaders to understand their people. As such, bi-annual or annual surveys are simply no longer enough when it comes to paying better attention to employees and addressing their challenges. 

As the saying goes, people leaders cannot fix what they do not understand. And nowadays, staying attuned to the ever-changing needs of employees is more difficult than ever. Continuous feedback is vital to the health of any organization, especially in times of uncertainty. Yet one of the most common mistakes companies make is relying on long cumbersome surveys on an annual basis when it comes to making people decisions. A continuous feedback mechanism where employees feel that they are being heard is critical for success (and indeed companies with high engagement and low attrition rates solicit feedback more frequently). In essence, continuously understanding and listening to employees is the key to building better organizations.


Survey fatigue is real yet understanding is more important than ever

In the new world of work, asking employees for their feedback and opinion is a must, but surveys produce too much friction. Surveys are limited in various ways. For starters, there is a growing lack of motivation for employees to participate in lengthy annual engagement surveys leading to what is known as survey fatigue. Moreover, annual surveys generate a point-in-time snapshot of the organization which makes them unsuitable for informing daily decision-making in an ever-changing business climate. In today’s world, employee opinions change frequently and survey results get outdated quickly, but with annual and semi-annual surveys being the norm, organizations often rely on outdated insights for months.


Effective Employee Listening

Pulse feedback introduces an effective way to make day-to-day people decisions effectively. There are two primary ways to solicit feedback from employees using pulse feedback. Ad-hoc pulsing provides a format to answer specific one-off questions. With ad-hoc pulsing, leaders can react quickly to situations and avoid making decisions based on their interpretation of a specific event, process, etc. Recurring pulses provide management with a tool to sample situations ongoingly, in an unobtrusive way. Together, these two feedback formats offer a better way forward, helping to establish an ongoing feedback culture and empowering organizations to continuously adapt based on their people’s input.


Montara Pulse

The key to solving the age-old feedback challenge is asking short, timely, frequent pulse questions on employees’ preferred communication channels.  

Using Montara Pulse and establishing an ongoing feedback process, will provide companies with a competitive edge; as they will now have a dynamic understanding of their people and the ability to benchmark changes over time using frequent employee check-ins. Organizations that couple ongoing pulse feedback programs with ad-hoc questions will gain the ultimate advantage. As ad-hoc questions will provide answers to an array of on-off questions whether it be feedback about a company milestone or input after the implementation of a new initiative.

We’re excited to introduce Montara Pulse. With this solution, HR leaders and executives can now keep their finger on the pulse of the organization by getting answers to their most pressing questions with just a few clicks.  


How it works 

  1. Ask questions dynamically. To get started, select whether you want to create an ad-hoc or recurring pulse. Next, draft a custom question or select one of Montara’s science-backed questions from the question bank.
  2. Combat survey fatigue and ask personalized questions to the right people. For advanced targeting, connect to your HR system and ask participants questions based on various attributes such as business unit, location, site, seniority, functional role, gender and more.

  3. Solicit feedback intuitively and reach your people where they are. Today’s employees are increasingly using business messaging as their key platform to get work done. Pulse them within their flow of work whether it be on Slack, Teams or email. 

  4. Ensure participation with live updates on completion rates and automatic reminders so respondents know that there are questions waiting for them to answer. 

  5. Instantly get the insights you need with detailed results and a custom report using Montara’s automated feedback analysis once the pulse is complete.

Discover how to create an inclusive, winning culture and effectively manage your workforce with Montara Pulse.