At Montara, our mission is to help build successful, thriving and inclusive organizations in a fast changing world. We empower employees, managers, HR teams and executives to fulfill their full potential using people insights.

Note: the Montara People Insights solution is no longer available. Read about our transition to a cloud BI platform here.


Our Journey

As executives and managers at global companies, we personally experienced the difficulty of trying to understand how our employees and managers were doing in real-time. We felt that the existing solutions such as employee engagement surveys and HR BI tools were not adequate and decided to build the next generation of people insights and management solutions. Just a few months after we set out on our journey, Covid-19 hit, forever changing the way we do business and interact with our people.

If the Great Resignation that followed has taught us anything, it’s the importance of building a culture that retains and engages employees. As leaders, we need to see the full picture and understand employees and managers in a more fundamental way, wherever they work from. We need to build more inclusive organizations, foster a sense of belonging and pay better attention to the needs of our talent. Dynamic people insights that will enable organizations to react with agility are no longer just nice to have, they’re essential.

After about two years of a global pandemic, we have all experienced huge disruption. Now more than ever, organizations require new approaches and technologies to thrive and compete. We must apply the same data-driven methodologies that we use in all other areas of our business to the way we manage people and make people analytics a central pillar of our strategy moving forward.

Current inadequate solutions that attempt to provide an understanding of employees and managers are not scalable and become less relevant every day. Employee engagement surveys are cumbersome, introduce friction, and most importantly, produce a point-in-time picture that is outdated almost immediately. BI tools are complex, reactive, and slow. It’s time to democratize information using the power of big-data and AI to produce personalized, tailored insights and recommendations for everyone.


Our Platform

Montara offers a dramatically different approach to understanding and improving employee experience in today’s world of work. We have designed the first holistic people insights and management platform to help companies tackle a wide variety of challenges such as remote and hybrid work, wellbeing in the workplace, inclusion and more.

We drive maximum impact by analyzing workplace signals at scale and continuously identifying issues as they occur. With Montara, insights are available seamlessly 24/7 so that employees across the organization can take action, respond with agility and make meaningful change.

Our platform takes the guesswork out of people management and helps organizations achieve success. By providing real-time visibility into everything from engagement and wellbeing to leadership, career growth and DEI all in one unified solution, for both teams and individuals, our insights help companies usher in the new future of work.

People Insights

Our ground-breaking AI technology goes well beyond any other existing HR solution. By analyzing vast amounts of data and continuously producing personalized insights, Montara can be utilized anytime by anyone. Managers and employees receive customized insights along with recommendations in their flow of work so they are informed and empowered. Check out our employee and manager videos to learn more.

Montara for Employees Video.       Montara for Managers Video

HR teams and executives get powerful insights and analysis from org to team level across dozens of metrics, all in real-time.

Montara integrates with existing communications, flow of work and HR systems to continuously analyze the rich data flowing through the organization. Backed by years of science and research, our powerful machine learning and AI capabilities enable Montara to understand a wide array of behaviors and generate insights and recommendations across the organization. Learn more about the science and technology behind Montara here.

Security and privacy are at the center of everything we do. We strictly protect the privacy of employees with built-in safeguards to make sure that employee data confidentiality is protected at all times. When it comes to security, we adhere to the strictest standards and best practices: Montara is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified and built to be GDPR compliant. Learn more about Montara’s security and privacy measures.

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